Have your own in-house studio

Prepare to meet NTTRB
high quality, adaptative and powerful technologies

Transform your office into a fully equipped post-production studio

Training management
Constant evolution

The operators receive an training program according to their personal purpose and in accordance with the clients objectives.

Realtime synchronisation
A full in-house studio

All the data are synchronized in realtime with our main studio to allow a direct help with high end solutions : color correction, 3D, particles…

No Hardware Management
In accordance

A first analysis is made with you at the beginning and the offer is made in accordance to your purposes.

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No employee management
Administrative freedom

Your contract is with NTTRB, no administrative paperwork to deal with concerning the employees.

Desktop control for help
Support management

The idea is to implement a dynamic going both ways.  The operator can access our network resources remotely at anytime and if needed, the in-house computer can be activated by a remote control from our studio.

No Software Management
Up to date

Your In-house Studio will be constantly up to date with the last generation of softwares.

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Strategic thinking and planning

Anticipate the future expenses and prepare everything needed.

With the In-house studio, you have a constant
and total control on your budget,
hardware, software and need.
The solution gives you constant insight on the margin,
and let you focus on project development.

Structure the process to
manage continuity

Process systematization leads to efficiency

Workflows are based on the same principles
in all our in-house studios,
the working  structures are constant,
allowing any operator to be replaced
in case of emergency or absence.
The Project goes on…

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Always be on top in each sector

Having a network of specialists
connected to your office

Being able to be connected
with specialists all around the world,
With the exact skills you need,
at the right time, now,
and at the right place…
Your office.

Benefits of cooperation with us

The team of adventurous and creative specialists in picture creation and treatment

Experienced and
highly professional team

Highly skilled people make highly skilled team.

And those teams can find brighter ways than others.

Motivation is cumulative.

Open for new ideas
and outstanding contacts

The network is the key, and exchanges in those networks develops great project.

and enthusiastic cooperation

Constant training and evolution maintains a high level and lead to bright concepts and propositions.