Never… Ever touch this Red button
if you are not sure you can afford it…..

The Fellowship of the Red button has been growing up really fast this last 2 years, some skilled warriors joined us to develop NTTRB.

We are looking for an ambitious and talented After Effects/VFX Operator
to embark on our amazing projects.

  • You know audiovisual production, animation and new technologies
  • Have a good knowledge of the Mac OSX environment
  • Speak French and English, and knowing Dutch is a very nice plus
  • Know the 12 principles of animation
  • And of course, you’ve got experience with Motion Design/Compositing projects
  • Love to learn new things everyday
  • Understand client’s business and needs. We insist.
  • YOU SHALL NOT understimate the importance of details (yes…geek reference inside)
  • Have a Bach +1000 in design/animation in 2D/3D
  • Master the Adobe Suite: at least After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Animate the visuals on voiceover / music and integration of sound FXs.
  • Follow design trends and be able to follow the vibe, or set it.
  • Advise on production‘s matters and follow design trends and be able to follow the vibe, or set it.


  • Never forget to bring your good mood with you
  • Deadlines’s master. Not only a line in a C.V; it must be a second nature.
  • Mutual respect, loyalty and kindness are essentials for you, for us, for our clients.

working at NTTRB :

Our specialty is obviously the postproduction but we’ve recently entered the world of model making (3D printing, lasercut, laserprint). Here is our ‘donut’s skills’ for 2016.

  • We are a team :  » Alone I go faster together we go further (and faster) « 
  • We produce “WAW effects!”
  • We work with the latest technologies. In fact, we are driven by innovation since ever.
  • Our IT architecture allows us to work with no border.
  • We are booming. Fast.
  • We love learning. If you upgrade, everybody upgrades. So be prepared to enter the Matrix
Donut’s skills

Interested ?

Drop us a line! No need to tell us that you’re motivated to work with us, we already know it.
No need to present your official diplomas, just show us what you got !

Contact us at :