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Thomas Dubucq
Project Management
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Sébastien Vandersteen
Project management
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Marine De Clynsen
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Alex Fakroune
3D & VFX Compositor
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Jérôme Lamy
AE & VFX Compositor


our basis

    Finding the best solutions.

    Finding the appropriate solution for the appropriate budget and with the best result.

    Common language with everyone.

    Working everyday on a common knowledge base, we are helping each other to cultivate our commons references.

    Born from issues that have been solved.

    The members of the team can ask for help at anytime. Knowledge and experience solve  issues quicker. And both are cumulative within the team.

    DISC profiles management.

    Knowing each other and the way people are working, gaining a deeper insight in what drives them, lead to a better communication, to efficiency.

Follow the line

Always stay on

Perfection in details

Combine all
of the powerful options.
DISC Management

We are using the DISC profile to help people working together.  Men says : Do to the others what you want them to do to you !  It’s not true.  Speak to them, work with them the way they want.  Knowing each other is a first step to bright communication.

Constructive Rules

Never cross the line, the border between constructive behavior and unconstructive ones. Always be on top, always uses the following principles as rules : appropriation, responsibility and anticipation.

Evolution is the key

Because one time is not another, evolution must be forced.  We all have a training program to develop our skills depending on both the will of each operator and the need of the client.

understanding the client needs

People have two ears and one mouth,

they must listen twice than speak.

get the best result as if it was for us

The appropriation is the basis of proactivity.

Proactivity leads to anticipation.

Anticipation resolve the problems before they appears.

give and you will receive more

Exchange is the key.

What is not given is lost.  Nothing’s created,

it’s only transformed or seen from a new point of view.

Be part of a results-oriented proactive network.

This system make us participating in a lot of solving issues in different kind of business.  Learning from each clients, the team can bring back solutions that would not be possible in a standard studio.  The tools we use make us working as a team even if we are not physically at the same place.

Mixed Showreel made by our operators

Unleash your creative potential and realize daring ideas easily.